Autism and Essential Oils

Can essential oils really help your kid with autism?

Of course, Autism cannot be cured but it is trainable and there are ways to help people who struggle.  People on the autism spectrum often deal with what is called sensory integration.  Sensory integration is an organization of sensory input for use. The use through sensory integration many parts of the nervous system work together so that person can interact with the environment effectively and experience appropriate satisfaction. People who struggle with transition, communication or going to outings are examples of sensory integration.   There is a blend that could help very much which is called the unraveling blend (10 drops Cedarwood, 10 drops Copaiba in a 10ml roller ball filled with coconut oil).  Cedarwood is great for blemishes, cough, respiratory infection, great for tension, calming and helps with feelings of anxiety.  Copaiba helps calm, soothe, and support the nervous system which is the key to sensory integration.  It is also great for mood.


If your kid is having a meltdown try using serenity, peace, console or vetiver.   The collection Dr. Kaufmann recommends for supporting people with autism is the Aromatouch Kit plus add on DDR prime, Frankincense, and Copaiba.  Frankincense can help with feelings of depression and anxiety.  It is great for cellular function and it also crosses the blood-brain barrier.  For frankincense, you would put under the tongue, on your pulse points or diffusing it.  If someone is having difficulty retaining information, use Frankincense.  Frankincense can also help to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and it also helps with mood.

All diseases have the same three underlying causes: inflammation, oxidative stress, and detoxification issues.  Children can recover autism.


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