Benefits of Frankincense

What is Frankincense?

I decided to share this information because I am going to assume others don’t really understand the health benefits of this ancient essential oil, which dates back to BC. King Tut even used Frankincense!  Frankincense is very helpful in so many different ways. This oil can be used for cancers & tumors, seizures & trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia & brain injury, depression, wound healing & wrinkles and so much more.  Like everyone else, I looked at its price and thought, I couldn’t afford it at the moment, moving on to other more affordable oil choices. However, after watching episodes with Dr. Axe, I now see and understand the value of Frankincense. I can afford to have it now.

Since watching this episode, I have discovered one testimony after another, sharing the benefits of this oil for emotional health & more.

My next order will for sure include Frankincense!

Read more here: Essential Oil Spotlight: Frankincense

Watch Dr. Axe for yourself!

Dr. Axe talks about Frankincense Essential Oil

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