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Save 10% off with Ginger!

Make sure to utilize the use of Ginger this month! Doterra Ginger is harvested from Madagascar.    Why is ginger so amazing?!

Ginger essential oil is made up of a chemical group called sesquiterpenes, which are commonly found in soothing essential oils like Ylang Ylang and Myrrh oil. Ginger oil includes sesquiterpenes called zingiberene and sesquiphellandrene, which contribute to digestive health when used internally* and promote the grounding and balance of emotions when used aromatically.* If you are feeling nauseated or bloated, reach out for that Ginger oil! By inhaling it or rubbing it on your stomach, you will see instant relief.  Even by taking a drop or two of ginger oil in water or tea definitely helps too.

Learn more here:

Ginger Oil Uses and Benefits

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Summer Cashback Splash!

Spread the word around town! The more the merrier!! This month only, new enrollees in DoTerra will earn 50 doTerra dollars! Can be used towards future purchases!!  Need to sign up with a $150 order!! Yeah! Don’t miss out on this amazing promotion!! Embrace it!!

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