Lemon Cayenne Pepper Water

Every night, fill your tea pot with filtered water so its ready to go in the morning.    You will first drink 12 oz of filtered water: half of it is 6oz of room temperature water and the other half is your hot water from the kettle, a dash of  cayenne pepper and then  you can either use one drop of lemon essential oil or even a half a lemon squeezed.    This mixture will increase your metabolism and detoxing effect as well as raising your temperature levels.  This really works!  The last couple of days  I have really gone straight to the bathroom after drinking this mixture. Try it out! 

Right after your 12 ounces of water with the cayenne pepper in it, you will drink 8 oz of room temperature filtered water.  Every morning you will really be having 20 oz of water before eating to drinking anything else!  Do this for 7 days straight and report back to me!


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