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Citrus Oils on Sale this weekend!

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10% off Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot


  • Improves the appearance of blemishes
  • Supports healthy metabolism when used internally
  • Creates an uplifting environment



  • Cleanses and purifies the air
  • Naturally cleanse the body and aids in digestion
  • Supports healthy respiratory function when used internally



  • Calming and soothing aroma
  • Provides skin purifying benefits
  • Frequently used in massage therapy for its calming benefits


20% off Wild Orange, Lime, Citrus, Bliss

Wild Orange 

  • Powerful cleanser and purifying agent
  • Supports healthy immune function when used internally
  • Creates an uplifting environment



  • Add a drop to your drinking water for enhanced flavor
  • Used as a topical and internal cleanser
  • Refreshing aroma that stimulates the senses
  • Supports healthy immune function when used internally


Citrus Bliss (Invigorating Blend)

  • Ideal for freshening the air
  • Uplifting aroma
  • Creates a positive, invigorating atmosphere
  • Even putting a couple of drops underneath your armpits…makes for a wonderful deodorant!


30% Doterra Cheer, Tangerine, Green Mandarin


  • Aroma inspires an optimistic, cheerful and happy atmosphere
  • Creates an energizing and positive environment



  • To energize and uplift mood, place one to two drops in the palm of your hand, rub together, and cup over the nose and mouth for 30 seconds or diffuse throughout the room
  • Creates inspiring aroma
  • Supports a healthy immune system, healthy digestion and metabolism



Green Mandarin

  • Supports healthy nervous, digestive and respiratory systems when consumed
  • Known for its soothing and uplifting aroma
  • Internal use helps maintain healthy immune function 







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