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Are men healthy?

Not only do women have their health issues, but men have their own health concerns as well.   Of course, we all know that men don’t care about their health as much as women do.  Some of the things that men do more of are making unhealthy eating choices, smoke and drink more and don’t make health decisions wisely.  According to the Essential Life Book, some of the most common health issues men deal with are heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, influenza, and diabetes.  If something is up to the man’s sleeve, they usually hide it compared to women who share everything.  Some of the different oils that help our strong, oily men are Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Lemon, Grounding Blend, Protective Blend, and Detoxification Blend.

Promotes longevity, supports brain and prostate health

Supports urinary and prostate health and wound healing


Detoxifies and has an alkalizing effect


Supports cardiovascular and immune health


Makes great cologne, aftershave; brain support


Supports urinary, prostate; prevents hair loss


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Essential Oil Recipes for Men

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