November Promotions! The Holidays are here!

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Save 10% this month for the wonderful woodsy oil Black Spruce! One of the ways I have used Black Spruce is by putting a few drops in the bath water…what a relaxing oil it is! Even combine it with some epsom salts!  This environmentally friendly product is made from the needles and branches of the Picea mariana tree in Canada. You can even diffuse in the morning or during meditation to create a peaceful and balancing feeling.  

Learn more about this oil here: Black Spruce

I know most of you enjoy drinking hot chocolate! Why not check this out!? According to Doterra this particular hot cocoa is known for rejuvenating properties, to quality cocoa and milk, creating a healthy, comforting treat. Sweetened with Monk Fruit, with a hint of CPTG® Cinnamon Bark essential oil, doTERRA Adaptogenic Hot Cocoa is delicious in water, milk, or your favorite plant milk.  Learn more here! Contact me if you would like to purchase some today!





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