Oils Can Ease Parkinson’s Muscles

Did you know that Parkinson’s can be helped without medication?

As we all know, people tend to turn to aromatherapy to improve their quality of life. Today, several people have said essential oils can help them destress and be uplifting.  The potential benefits of aromatherapy in Parkinson’s include physical, mental and emotional.  Physical can be related to weakness of limbs, joint stiffness and pain, and constipation and so much more.  In terms of emotional and mental, depression, anxiety, and insomnia can all be helped.   There are several different oils that are used to aid with symptoms of Parkinson’s.   Frankincense can help to curb the damaging effects of the brain and the body.  Vetiver is one of the few essential oils that can help with the tremors brought on by Parkinson’s.  There is also some indication that the soothing and calming oil helps to relieve the speech impairment caused by the ailment.

According to the Essential Life Book, essential oils can facilitate the complex messaging that occurs throughout the nervous system.  They help with homeostasis, circulation, and brain function as the brain interprets and sends out data.  They even help the neurons transmitting and receiving messages to be more efficient due to their regenerative and soothing properties.  They address the root causes of ailments connected to the nervous system, helping improve symptoms because the body has support in helping itself.

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