What are your beliefs?

Belief is one of the keywords for achievement in terms of Doterrra Business.  “Belief is key—believe in the products, believe in the company, believe in yourself. On our team, we often say, ‘If I can do it, you can do it,’ and ‘I can do this scared.’ The more you say these things and believe they are true, the breakthrough happens and you realize you can do hard things.”  Belief fuels the actions that create your results. Build your belief in dōTERRA and the products in order to fuel the actions that create the results you desire.  There is a belief system in Doterra and there are five categories: product, company/opportunity, you, your leaders, your why and influence.

Learn more here about the statements on how you are thinking in regards to your beliefs:

Create Empowering Beliefs

Belief: The Fuel of your Doterra Business