Chemical Free Cleaning


Save your lungs, save your health!  Get those poisons out of your home now!

Clean your entire home with chemical-free cleaning recipes! Are you one of those who think they need to smell bleach to believe something is clean? For the sake of your health, I certainly hope not! Did you know there are essential oils that disinfect?  Did you know there are essential oils that cut through grease?

Yes, there are essential oils that will clean every nook and cranny in your home without the use of poisons. All this chemical-free cleaning also offers you the opportunity to choose the aromas of your own choice. Here are some ideas to help you move towards chemical free cleaning. With just a little bit of planning, and making sure you have glass containers or plastic #1 HDPE or plastic #2 PET). Once you have the containers, that is half the battle. Secondly, there are a few ingredients other than essential oils you will want to have on hand.  Here is a list with a link to Amazon to check out the product or if you want to make your purchase.

Items To Keep On Hand


Baking Soda

Witch Hazel


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