Toxicity! Get rid of those toxins!!


What chemicals are putting in your body!? What are you using!? There are certain things that can have several different toxins in it.  According to the Department of Health, products that we use on a daily basis such as household cleaners, prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, gasoline, alcohol, pesticides, fuel oil, and cosmetics can be toxic! Why damage your body with all those toxins!?

There are eight ways toxins damage our body:

  • Toxins poison enzymes so they don’t work properly
  • Toxins displace structural minerals, resulting in weaker bones
  • Toxins damage the organs
  • Toxins damage DNA, which increases the rate of aging and degeneration
  • Toxins modify gene expression
  • Toxins damage cell membranes so they don’t respond properly
  • Toxins interfere with hormones and cause imbalances
  • Toxins actually impair your ability to detoxify


As you can see this is how bad toxins are for your body.  Let’s get rid of those toxins out of our body and live a healthy and natural life!


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