Are you feeling dizzy?

There are several different ways to help with vertigo naturally. Some of the different oils that can help with vertigo are Peppermint, Ginger, Basil, and Clary Sage. Peppermint is a very cooling oil so just by inhaling peppermint from your diffuser may help get rid of your vertigo.  Ginger is used for many different things but one of their top uses is to help relieve nausea and vertigo. You would diffuse aromatically or take internally with a glass of warm water or apply topically to wrists.  You could also inhale the aroma from palms or take internally in a capsule.  Basil is also good to help with nausea and cramping and also to help with migraines.  Apply with wintergreen or peppermint topically to temples and back of neck to assist with migraines and dizziness or even take internally in a capsule or apply to the abdomen to ease discomfort.  According to Bel Marra Health, Clary Sage is good for those who suffer from disorders like anxiety and nervousness, making it a great choice for helping to relieve dizziness and vertigo.

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Vertigo and How Essential Oils can Help! 

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