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Recipes For Women Using Essential Oils


12 drops dōTERRA® Wild Orange

9 drops dōTERRA® Clary sage

6 drops dōTERRA® Geranium 

6 drops dōTERRA®  Roman Chamomile

Combine oil into a 5ml bottle/roller bottle, fill remainder with a carrier oil.  Apply to pulse points, cup hands together over nose and mouth and inhale.  


HE’LL NEVER KNOW (for symptoms of PMS/menopause)

12 drops dōTERRA®  Geranium

6 drops dōTERRA® Ylang-Ylang

4 drops dōTERRA®  Clary Sage

Combine in a 5ml bottle/roller, fill remainder with a carrier oil.  Apply over lower abdomen and lower back (female organs are in between), use on wrists for emotional support, cup hands together over nose and mouth and inhale.  Or apply women’s monthly blend in the same manner.  



6 drops dōTERRA®  Roman Chamomile

4 drops dōTERRA®  Geranium

3 drops dōTERRA®  Lemon

2 drops dōTERRA®  Cypress

Combine in 15ml bottle/roller bottle, fill remainder with a carrier oil.  Massage onto abdomen and pelvic area (above uterus) several times daily, starting the week before menstruation.  



15 drops dōTERRA®  Lavender

15 drops dōTERRA® Geranium

15 drops dōTERRA® Melaleuca

15 drops dōTERRA®  Myrrh

15 drops dōTERRA® Oregano

Combine in a 2-ounce spray bottle, fill remainder with a carrier oil.  Apply three to five times a day to the affected area, shaking lightly before each use.  


1 drop Vetiver


Apply across the top of breasts two times per day until desired results are achieved (generally a couple months).  Can add complimentary oils to change aroma.  Note: This suggestion is suited for women who have lost or never had breast mass due to intense exercise levels or breastfeeding, etc.  Vetiver will not have a negative impact on women with larger breasts so it’s unnecessary to avoid usage for other purposes.  



4 drops dōTERRA® Frankincense 

Apply to breast each breast twice daily for thirty days.  Do detox two to four times per year.  Use a carrier oil for easier distribution.  

Eucalyptus and grapefruit are also excellent for breast health, applied topically with a carrier oil.  Apply for discomfort or concern.  



12 drops dōTERRA® Clary Sage

10 drops dōTERRA® Fennel

7 drops dōTERRA® Geranium 

8 drops dōTERRA® Lavender

8 drops dōTERRA® Bergamot

Combine oils in a 10ml roller bottle; fill remainder with fractionated coconut oil.  Apply to lower abdomen twice daily, targeting ovary and uterus areas.  



Cellular Vitality Complex, whole food nutrient complex, essential oil omega complex

Take as directed


Defensive Probiotic

Take 1 capsule three times on days 11-15 of the monthly cycle; then take one per day on day 16 until the end of the monthly cycle (onset of menstruation).  Repeat monthly until desired results are achieved.  



GI Cleansing Softgels

Take first 10 days of the monthly cycle, 1-3 capsules three times a day


Phytoestrogen multiplex




Take 1 capsule every day to eliminate harmful estrogen metabolites and maintain healthy estrogen levels.  



Apply two times a day over liver, adrenal glands, kidneys areas to support healthy production of progesterone. 

16 drops dōTERRA® Grapefruit

Take under the tongue or in a capsule every morning to support healthy progesterone levels


Women’s monthly blend

Apply to sides of feet under ankle bones, abdomen, and wrists for hormone and mood balancing. 

Follow program until becoming pregnant.  Then discontinue GI cleansing softgels, phytoestrogen multiplex, women’s monthly blend.  Continue everything else throughout pregnancy.  Reduce defensive probiotic consumption to 1-2 per day to maintain healthy terrain.



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