Womens Health and Struggles

Let’s get rid of that pain!

As we all know, women’s health can be a struggle for all women.  I have had my fair share with my own struggle during that time of the month; very moody, lots of pain and one time bent over double.  It is much better now since I have started the oils and am working out. Exercising is one way that can help enhance your mood and applying a heating pad on your stomach.  There are several oils to help with this which are Rose, Geranium, Ylang-ylang, Clary sage, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Ginger, Fennel, Thyme and Oregano, Women’s Blend, Women’s monthly blend and encouraging blend.  The supplements that can help are bone support complex, essential oil omega complex, phytoestrogen multiplex, and whole food nutrient supplement. According to the Essential Life Book, a phytoestrogen is a natural form of estrogen-like therapy, assisting to balance not only a deficiency but also an excess of the wrong kind and harmful estrogen metabolites.

 The women’s monthly blend can be applied to the wrist’s, ankles and directly over the abdomen when symptoms of PMS and menopause are occurring. Grapefruit and thyme oils support healthy progesterone levels, the counterbalance hormone to estrogen. Also, mood-enhancing oils, including joyful blend, calming blend, invigorating blend and grounding blend which can help with depression and other emotions that may be prevalent for women.  Follow this link to see what dōTERRA® offers for women and their daily health and wellness needs. 

Below I have provided a link to another post where I am building a library of links to other women’s health blogs.

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